Day 1: We Join The Farm


Today was the day. After months of talking about it, researching and of course extensively pinning, I finally bit the bullet and purchased our farm membership. Although this might seem like the beginning of our journey, it all began last November <Cue Flashback Music>. That was when my husband and I learned that we were expecting our first child. I very quickly learned that when you are pregnant there is a list about a mile long of things that you can’t do, can’t eat, can’t even be in the same room with! It was definitely a learning experience but I was willing to sacrifice whatever was necessary to ensure that my baby was safe and healthy.

For the first time in my life I was reading labels and taking serious consideration to the products that I put in and on my body. I gave up my favorite anti-wrinkle cream (hey – you can’t start to early!), because of the AHA’s it contained and I gave up lunch meats because of the Nitrates. At first I was put-off by the price of the organic products at the grocery store. They seemed so expensive! I just had a hard time believing that it really made that much of a difference.

My precious baby boy was born in July and the moment I laid eyes on him any lingering misgivings vanished. I didn’t care how much work it would take or how much money it would cost, if we could swing it then I would do everything I could to ensure that this child wasn’t exposed to any more chemicals than was absolutely avoidable. Luckily I’ve chosen to breast-feed so we don’t have to worry about the chemicals and additives in formula, but anything that I consume affects him. That’s why we got up this morning and drove 15 min. down the road to My Dad & Me Family Farms in Powder Springs, GA.

You might have guessed from the name that this is a family operation. What you might not have guessed is that they are firmly committed to keeping their products as green as possible. Their cows are exclusively grass fed, and the animals that consume grains are all fed organic, non-GMO grains. All the animals are cage-free and live in comfortable, humane conditions. Evidently I’m not the only one who finds this appealing, because they have had a waiting list for membership since June.

The membership itself is a $35.00 annual fee, and then there are different membership plans that require you to spend a certain amount each week. We have joined on the Gold Plan which requires us to purchase at least $25.00 worth of groceries each week, and includes access to fresh milk and eggs. Some lower level plans do not include milk and eggs because those seem to be the products with the highest demand.

Today I purchased, some pork brats (My hubby, Mr. L, LOVES Brats), some grass-fed ground beef, a jar of raw milk and a dozen eggs. Tomorrow I will review my first experience with raw milk, but for now Baby L is crying so I must go. Are any of you members of a farm or co-op, have you made a transition to whole foods? I’d love to hear about it in the comments section.


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